Posted by: silverback | 2010/03/05

itchy adrenal gland

for your entertainment, a couple track day videos from this winter:

first up, NESBA‘s final dates of the 2009 season were at Road Atlanta in Braselton, Ga. this is one of my favorite tracks, as i would attend SCCA and IMSA events there with my dad back in the 80’s. the track has a classic layout and an enormous history. lots of character, lots of elevation. my buddy Adam was recording (so he’s responsible for the music choice), as we spent an entire session dicing on essentially open track. ambient temp was under 40 all weekend, but my heart was beating fast enough to keep me warm. i am the rider in front at the beginning (and end) of the vid.

next up, my buddy Brian was insistent that i mount his GoPro Wide camera on my bike for a session during the three-day weekend at Jennings (see these archival posts for the details). Jennings is dead flat, but technical enough to remain interesting/challenging. if you watch the edges of the screen, you can see turn numbers flash by – 1 thru 14 – to get some sense of where i am on the track. you can see me passing and getting passed in a very fast “A” group, running laps in the 1:26-1:28 range here.


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