Posted by: silverback | 2011/12/30

Buh-bye 2011

This past year has been troublesome. Its main characteristics for this guy have been sacrifice, and loss.
That’s not to say it’s been a total crapper, because it hasn’t. I’ve done a bunch of cool stuff, with a bunch of cool people. I didn’t throw the R6 down the track, not even once; at the same time I set some PR’s and gained an immense amount of confidence.
I put more miles on my road bike than in the last five years combined, I bet. I also got back into the woods a bunch on the old Knolly, best mountain bike ever.
Learned how to root most any Android device, got pretty handy at flashing various ROM’s, kernels, and yes, restored more than a couple backups.
Designed and built a pretty radical machine that pumps out proprietary Smart Bottles™ at close to 25/min.

Lost my dog. Millie was our friend, companion, and blanket for 13 years. She came into my life right after I met my wife, partner, and one true love Laura. We knew she was getting old, but it still came as a painful surprise. Live long enough, and you’re going to lose some loved ones, I guess.
We also lost Marco Simoncelli, at the tender young age of 24. He was one of those riders destined for MotoGP greatness, but his time was cut short in that freak accident at Sepang. Watching it, it didn’t seem as if it could really have happened – an impossibility of physics. The Universe must have needed his energy elsewhere, like RIGHT NOW.
I’ve spent a ton of my time invested in perpetuating insanity, and for little reward. Neither salary nor job satisfaction. 2012 is going to see the end of that compromise.

Starting off the New Year right, with a trip to the track – a return to Jennings GP, as this blog began in early 2010. Only this time, we’re running it in reverse, which probably doesn’t mean anything really. But it feels different.



  1. Amazing insight Fred. The cool thing is you’re getting it. You are so far ahead of the game because you are reflecting and turning the pain into great stuff. Just sayin…

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