Posted by: silverback | 2013/01/02

Brewing Storm (subtitle: The Conspiracy Piece)

Happy 2013, everybody!

Welcome to the Fiscal Cliff era, co-hosted by the new-new Feinstein Assault Weapons Bill, and presented by the further Enslavery of America’s working class, beholden to an oligarchy of power-mad douchebags. It’s become so prevalent and expected that we’re not even shocked anymore. What’s frustrating to me is the feeling of utter powerlessness. We have, over the past 236 years, managed to build an unwieldy, impossibly corrupt, overly bureaucratic, Rube-Goldberg device that, inexplicably, is still called “government.”

This government has built an unsustainable set of arcane laws and procedures that ultimately ensures zero progress. Our lawmakers spend so much time filibustering, making side deals, and scratching each others’ balls that no legislation of import ever gets passed unless a) it’s a dire emergency AND b) it’s been thoroughly diddled beforehand to make sure it includes all the perquisites each lawmaker has added along the way.

Here is a very good example of how legislation that was intended to get urgent relief to the victims of hurricane Sandy (October 2012) actually did neither.

A few months later as the Fiscal Cliff loomed, politicians were demonstrably more interested in posturing and inciting their respective bases by staunchly refusing to negotiate in any fashion, even to benefit the majority of Americans…but wait! The deal! The deal! In an amazing, urgent, last-minute backroom push by the Vice President and Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell, our public servants finally did essentially nothing. WHEW!!

The new old taxes

The math and more math 

The mounting debt

If you don’t feel like knowing all kinds of unpleasant, nightmarish, creeping reality, the short version is our lawmakers essentially inked a deal that on the surface might reduce our 15+ TRILLION dollar debt load by, at most, 600 billion dollars, or 1/25th of the mounting debt. Note that I said “mounting” debt, because we have to pay interest as a country on our debt, just like as citizens, right? If you check out this data you can see how since we’re paying nearly 100 billion per month in interest alone, there’s no way we can do anything to staunch the bleeding. Even curiouser, the US makes these interest payments to the Federal Reserve Bank, who is the party from whom the country gets ALL ITS LEGAL TENDER, and from whom it borrows money when it can’t pay its own bills, which is nearly always, at least lately. I’m sure the terms are more than generous, but just who is the Federal Reserve, anyway?

Here’s a nice nonanswer to that query, as well as some conflicting info, which, while sexier, is largely conjecture. Either way, there’s a whole lot of money moving around, and the taxpayers, particularly the 90% of us making under $150k a year, are shouldering the burden of paying the tab.

surely you’ve seen this by now…

Of course, while the fiscal cliff drama kept us enraptured, tragedy struck an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut. 20 innocent children were slain, along with six adults, in a seemingly random act of violence by another whacko. This created a media scrum on both sides of the gun control debate…which is exactly what they want. This editorial in, of all places, the Russian State newpaper Pravda seems to best put voice to my own anxiety over the future for Americans who believe guns to be a necessary evil in modern (as in, the last several centuries) society. At least until we all become enlightened pacifists – every one of us. Without a single exception. Or at least until we grow some fucking balls and punish the social deviants who would continue to commit violent crimes against the innocent and powerless. (Need I draw the analogy from this statement to the way we citizens are currently being treated by our own government?)

But the darker question is always to be asked: What’s the agenda? My first thought upon hearing about the tragic slaying in Connecticut – my very first thought – was that the timing of this was just a little too convenient. The tragedy was just a little too poignant. The distraction just a tiny bit too…what…transparent? The next thing I write here will not earn me many friends, and the words may be too horrific to even utter, which is why only the conspiracy-theory whackos are even dancing around it. So number me among them, I suppose. But what if…? What if…?

What if it was a setup? What if those in power, who want only more power, and who know that we citizens are only going to take so much in the next few years before we begin to hear the cry, “Revolution!”…What if they actually brought this horrible mass-murder of American children into being? Could it possibly be the pivotal event they needed to spark a momentary consensus strong enough to support the beginning of wholesale, broad-ranging firearms control in America? 

I’ve only put voice to these thoughts one time, to one person, and he said, after a few moments consideration, “I’m not sure you’re wrong. But I don’t want to live in that country. I can’t.” Which is the wall of denial the powerful would have to be so counting on, if this theory were in any way valid or verifiable.

Meanwhile, Diane Feinstein has been given what amounts to carte blanche to craft the skeleton of what could easily become another juggernaut piece of legislation that will only serve to oppress the “average” American citizen, and most others capable of resisting, should that ever become necessary. What’s the big deal? It’s based on fear and media sensationalism with a sinister bias. This guy in the following video seems to be smarter than the average citizen, however, and is encouraging the rest of us to try to be smarter, too….

The storm is brewing. What are we going to do about it? Hide in the root cellar, hoping for the best? Or are we willing to brave the elements, whatever they may be, fiercely bent on survival and the posterity of our families and neighbors?




    • Andy, thanks but no thanks on your comment concerning the ntrc. I don’t believe that either party has our best interests in mind – the entire system is corrupt and perverted. It’s no longer (never was, actually) a matter of Republicans vs Democrats and their respective agendas. The very fact that the fiscal cliff bill is such an ineffective piece of crap comes from the reality that members of neither party are willing to leave the money in favor of doing the hard work. I’m actually a registered Democrat, though I voted Libertarian as a protest. Keep reading, thanks!
      – Fred

      • Fred,

        It’s about the video, not the host page.

        Our Government is by the crooks, for the crooks….

        And the rest of us, we can “Eat Cake”…

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